The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

The creative team responsible for a recent Broadway flop (in which three chorus girls were murdered by the mysterious “Stage Door Slasher”) assembles for their new show at the estate of a wealthy “angel.”  The house is replete with sliding panels, secret passageways, and more when the infamous “Slasher” makes their reappearance and strikes again—and again.  

As the composer, lyricist, actors, and director prepare for their performance, and a blizzard cuts off any possible retreat, bodies start to drop in plain sight, knives spring out of nowhere, and accusing fingers point in all directions.

However, and with no thanks to the bumbling police inspector who snowshoes in to investigate, the mystery is solved in the nick of time and the “Slasher” is unmasked—but not before the audience has been treated to a side-splitting good time and a generous serving of the author’s biting, satiric, and refreshingly irreverent wit.

Production Photo Gallery:

All Photos: Copyright 2021 by George Katsekes Jr.