Our Mission

Inspiring Passion: Whitefish Bay Theater

Whitefish Bay is passionately committed to the power educational theater has to change lives.  At Whitefish Bay, students have the opportunity to engage in high quality theater training in both acting and technical theater.  Moreover, their experience will also provide important skills that will help them find success in life: discipline, commitment, responsibility, passion, organization, time management, grit, etc.

In order to provide the richest training experiences possible, our program is committed to producing productions of the highest quality.  Regardless of whether a student engages in a play or a musical, as an actor or a technical artist, Whitefish Bay works to provide rich experiences that will challenge our students, inspire our students, and ignite and fuel passion within our students.

As we commit to and work towards these goals, Whitefish Bay Theater strongly supports and values each part of the production team.  As members of Whitefish Bay’s theater family, we are all dependent on each other.  The best programs are the ones where each person is valued and their contributions are celebrated.  This is key for every person involved in our theater program.  Remember, actors and stage crew members are equal partners in the production of a show and one cannot excel without the dedication and input of the other.  In our program, we value each person, each contribution, and we work to build each other up as individuals, as students, and as theatrical artists.

Theater Advisors

Program Director: Ms. Kind-Keppel

Ms. Kind-Keppel has been teaching English and directing productions at Whitefish Bay High School for over a decade.  She double-majored in English and Theater and has a master’s degree in English Literature with an emphasis in Shakespearean studies (exploring Shakespeare both as an English student and as a Theater student).  She is honored to run Whitefish Bay’s theater program, and she deeply values the contributions of our extraordinary students, their deeply committed families, and the district as a whole!

Technical Director: Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller ran Nicolet High School’s theater program for over thirty years.  He has directed over 90 full-length plays and musicals and has designed over 100 sets!  At Whitefish Bay High School, he will design scenery for all productions, act as our technical director for all productions, and coordinate stage crew.  Mr. Miller maintains an “open-door” policy with students and enjoys being with them.

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