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Theater Opportunities:

Drama Club:

Drama Club is an extracurricular component of Whitefish Bay Theater.

Anyone who is interested in the theatrical arts is encouraged to become a member.

Purpose: (1) to enrich an individual’s passion for theater through a variety of opportunities and (2) to build a theater family for those who share a passion for the theatrical arts

Commitment: (1) meetings take place once a week—every Thursday at lunch and (2) students may take advantage of the opportunities the club provides.  Such opportunities include seeing local productions (both other schools and professional), receiving specialized training, field trips, etc.

Leadership Opportunity—Drama Board!

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Social Media Chair
  • Crew Representative
  • Class Representatives: freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior

International Thespian Society:

Every theater student’s goal should be membership in the International Thespian Society—a world-wide honors organization for high school theater arts.  Membership in “Thespians” is based on service to the Whitefish Bay Theater program.  A minimum of 100 hours (10 points) is necessary for membership.  Your hours are noted in the Thespian points book.  Points are awarded to actors and crew following the production of each play.  Following membership, each additional 100 hours is rewarded with a star.  Members reaching 600 hours are awarded a bar, 1,200 hours a National bar, and 1,800 hours an International bar.

Theater Classes:

  1. Acting I: this class is an introduction to acting. This is a wonderful class to take for those interested in (1) building a foundation of strong and effective acting skills, (2) working collaboratively with others, and (3) having a great deal of fun while developing these important skills.
  2. Advanced Acting: this class is for our more advanced acting students. Here, students will continue to improve their technical skills by delving into how to use a variety of accents effectively as well as how to perform Shakespeare.  Students will also extend their work in building rich, complex, and believable characters by experimenting with a variety of acting methods.
  3. Theater Production & Design: this class is a perfect fit for anyone interested in art & design, technical theater, or business’s role within the theatrical arts. Here, students will take on the many different design roles within a production (publicity, set design, lighting design, sound design, costume design, make-up and hair design, etc.).

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