Cast List

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The Diary of Anne Frank:

Otto Frank: Maxwell Buzecky

Edith Frank: Ruby Armstrong

Margot Frank: Elena Behnke

Anne Frank: Jessie Potter

Mr. Van Daan: Henry Stollenwerk

Mrs. Van Daan: Claire Thomure

Peter Van Daan: Asa Rao

Mr. Dussel: Joe Mitchell

Miep Gies: Kim Crosby

Mr. Kraler: Oliver Niehaus

Nazi: William Tesch

Assistant Directors: Bryn Hartnett & Nathan Kabara



Alice in Wonderland:

Alice:  Maddelin Wysocky

Mad Hatter:  Sophie Mahnke

White Rabbit / Humpty Dumpty:  Maggie End

March Hare / Tiger-Lily:  Josie Westhoff

Mad Squirrel / Dormouse:  Mary Jarros

Cheshire Cat / Caterpillar: Chloe Winney

Queen of Hearts / Rose: Niya Newell

Duchess: Anna Fasseas

Tweedle Dee: Billy Greene

Tweedle Dum: Amelia Hicks

Fish Footman / Card #2:  Claire Mitchell

Frog Footman / Card #5: Molly Franzen

Daisy #1 / Card #7: Eve Nersesian

Second Alice / Daisy #2: Alison Kallay

King of Hearts: Sean Ruttenberg

General / Executioner:  Anthony Wells

Knave of Hearts / White Knight: Carl Plichta


Faith Buchner

Esther Carriere

Rossi Doyle

Hannah Golub

Madeleine LaFrombois

Sydney Rutkowski